Our Services

Web Design:

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Having a team of highly experienced designers and animators Micro Web Solutions can boast of being a creative and innovative design house that can offer its clientele a professional and appealing design. We build informative websites that serve as a window to our clientai??i??s company and that compliment our clientai??i??s corporate identity. Our vast experience in building websites in all domains helps us to balance the level of information and graphics in a website which is tailor made for our clientai??i??s needs.

Web Applications:

Micro Web Solutions will help you to determine the size and scope of your Web based application, and to select the most appropriate language for your application. Our experience guides us to decide between a simple HTML based language, or a more robust programming language such as ASP.NET so that the application development process runs smoothly.

Software Development:

Micro Web Solutions asset is its experienced development team which translates the user need or marketing goal into a software product. The team follows its full proof approach methodology to conceptualize the clientai??i??s requirement and once it is achieved they progress carefully towards the completion of the project. Micro Web solutions has the expertise to execute projects from small to large scale.

Graphic Design / Corporate Identity:

Micro Web Solutions enhances its corporate identity by providing various services which includes logo creation, letterhead design, business card design, envelope design and complimentary slip design which are executed by a team of experts experienced in the related field for decades. We also cater for leaflet, brochure and catalogue design. With an eye to the requirements of our clientai??i??s, we go out of our way to also supply printing of any of the above mentioned designs therefore providing a complete ai???Aai??i?? to ai???Zai??i?? solutions of our clientai??i??s needs.


Micro Web Solutions has also ventured into the multimedia domain and has been quite successful. In the present scenario, the traditional methods of marketing are not enough in promoting your business. We can digitize your portfolio in CDs, or display your product catalogue or illustrate your services through a multimedia presentation. Our animators team can create online multimedia presentations and animated introductions of your company information which can become a part of your existing website

Animated Banners:

We can design animated banners to help you in the marketing of your website. These banners could be placed on web portals and search engines which would increase traffic to your site. He Said thesis proposal.