Invoice Management System

Invoice Management Script makes your invoice generation and invoice maintenance so easy for your stock management system.
Invoice script PHP is created to save the time for Invoice generations when there are numerous products or clients are engaged in your business.
Lesser your employees and manage your stock by just making few clicks and presses. You may get tired of typing Invoices for each and every company throughout the day, even if they are your old customers, but our free Invoice Script will store your customers details such as Name, address, etc., so that the very next time when you try to enter their details it will be profiled in dropdowns and makes your job even simpler.
Managing Sales Person(Users)
Managing Clients
Managing products
Signature of your company
Managing clients will show your existing customers from the database through which you can edit their information such as company name, phone number, address, etc., and also you can add a new client to your database right from here.
Product management displays your existing product details from the database which gives way to edit things such as product code, product name, prices, etc., where here you can obviously add new products to your stock.
Settings page of this Invoice software has some fields to enter your company details like company name, logo, address, etc., to get printed on your Invoices every time when you print it out.
This Invoice script in PHP is mainly used to create invoices instantly for numerous products with the inclusion of tax percentage for each invoice.
When you try to generate your invoice through this software there are some special options for you to notice. Once you enter Price of an Item, quantity and its Tax percentage then it will automatically fill up the fields such as Tax amount and Total amount.
This Invoice script also calculates the balance amount that is yet to be paid when the Amount paid field is entered. Along with this obviously you can write some descriptions about the invoice on the given space for your future references.
Apart from all the above usages this Invoice script open source helps you to retrieve the invoices for both hardcopy and softcopy. Meaning that you can edit and take a print out of those Invoices, save them as pdfs and also you can email every invoice.