The Project entitled iSecure (MailTorrent) is intended especially for companies for keeping their papers and publications in a more secure and distributed pattern using this secured data storage facility. The idea behind this project is to utilize the space resources that are provided by the internet mail
providers, thus helping the end user in porting large files from the local storage to some remote
locations that are identified as mail sites. The entire project will be done in such a way that the file
that is to be maintained securely will be split in equal pieces of 1 Mb each, encrypted thereafter
and then uploaded to multiple number of email id’s which will be send randomly. The details of
the mailer id’s and the file splits will be maintained in an XML based manifest, which is to be
maintained in local system after encryption. Once the user requires to extract the file, is will be
taken back from the mail server using either POP3 or IMAP, decompressed, decrypted and then
The existing systems in secure cloud storages are little aware of data availability in the user
domain and preventing theft of data and making the system cost effective towards the users the
cloud services provided by google and hotmail provide good storage facilities but little security
since any google inside network users can take over the data in the network if they want and
make copies of the data inside for preventing this we divide the data into small bits and store them
separately in the cloud in different accounts and encrypt the data with a password only known to
the user only providing a full proof security system.
The Software is divided into three modules:
Host management
The host can register and manage his account details in the system.
Administrator can also see the registration details and manage the details of the accounts of
the researchers.
File Uploading Module:
The file is selected and it is divided into 1MB portions, encrypted, and send to different
mail ids. Its information is recorded in XML format and encrypted.
File Downloading Module:
The file is selected and Corresponding XML file is decrypted and with the information of
the XML, the downloaded file portions are decrypted and extracted to a viewable initial format.
File encryption and decryption module
As per the need of the researcher the files to be uploaded can be encrypted if the data
has to be encrypted before uploading this will provide an extra security to the data